Hole In The Heart RK

Written by: Carl Rice Jr

Why Donate?

Written By: Carl Rice Jr

A “Voice From Heaven” is a ministry that exist to care for parents and loved ones who had or will have a child die.  The website provides parents an opportunity to email me and allows me to respond back. 

The whole intent for me being available to parents is to listen and provide caring direction.  The pain and tears will never completely go away, but the suffering can be talked through… I’m Carl Rice, Jr.,  a parent, a retired police officer and a former mental health therapist,  my youngest son Ryan died at 19, and I do understand !                                        

A separate need parents have is financial.  Most parents don’t have the money for funeral cost… they miss work and can’t pay the bills.  The ministry uses Friendly Donations that go directly to the account “A Voice From Heaven” at Comerica Bank. 

A totally volunteer board seeks God’s guidance with all the donations and the money goes to parents who are experiencing horrible emotional suffering, crushing mental pressures and financial burdens. 

I’m hoping for you to provide some financial help – to lift some of their financial burdens! To better understand how “A Voice From Heaven” touches lives… read through the website and if you have any questions please contact me by email.

 In Christ Jesus,