Hole In The Heart RK

Written by: Carl Rice Jr


Written By: Carl Rice Jr

If suddenly God took light away, would people cease to exist?  Doesn’t light from the sun provide us daylight?  Doesn’t light from the moon provide us guidance?  Doesn’t a light bulb, when turned on, turn a dark room into light?  Don’t headlights on a vehicle help us see where we are going?  Doesn’t light provide our eyes a means to see what is before us?  Unfortunately most people don’t take time to appreciate the light God has given them.

The most important light God has given us is Jesus who provides truth and direction for us.  So why do so many people turn away from the light of Jesus?  Sure, there are times in life when people look straight at Jesus.  When people look to Jesus for answers in their lives, but there are also times that people look right through Jesus and turn to places where the light is turned off.

People turn away from the light of Jesus because they believe in predestination and fate.  They believe that everything happens, as it should.  Some parents believe their child was predestined to die when they did.  Others believe it is fate that put their child in the path of a bullet that was meant for someone else.

God does not map out our lives like trains on rails so people can call it predestination.  It’s not God putting a person in the path of a bullet so people can call it fate.  We have our free will and God’s will, but its not predestination or fate that dictates our wills. 

Let me shed some light on the truth.  God knows the time everyone is going to be born because He knows when every child will be conceived.  God knows the time everyone is going to die because He already knows when we will die.  So God doesn’t cause the time for conception of our birth or death, but he knows when everyone will be born and when everyone will die!   

Remember, God knew when His Son Jesus would die and God let Him die.  God did not predestine Jesus to die; Jesus chose to die for us!  Many parents say, “Why did God let my child die?”  “Why do horrible people live?”  “Why didn’t God protect my child?”  

Parents who had a child die see other children facing potential death every day and nothing happens to them.  Then their child who was facing a promising future dies.  God didn’t cause their child to die, but parents ask God to shed light on why their child died.    

When a child dies, the bright light they brought loved ones begins to dim.  Parents do all they can to hold onto the light but once the bright light dims, parents are faced with reality their child has died.  Then parents go through the rest of their lives with memories that bring happiness or sadness. 

We will not understand all God’s ways or like all of His decisions, but God’s ways are best!  We will not understand all of God’s reasons and purposes for us while on earth, but God’s ways are best!  I’m not going to say having a child die will ever completely make sense, I just hope that knowing your child is surrounded by the glorious light of heaven brings you some comfort.

So parents it’s not God’s fault your child died, it is because sin entered the world bringing death and destruction.  It’s the true light of Jesus Christ who gave us our lives back.  Remember, no child of God actually dies; they go on living in heaven.